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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Truth has no expiration date

I'm astonished at the members of the church who are anxious to classify themselves as staunch and faithful but won't stand by any quotation from a prophet that isn't currently alive.
Can we really say we follow the living prophet if we know in our hearts that we have a mental expiration date just ticking away on whatever he teaches us?
Don't we recall that when Christ came to the Nephites he reproved them for not having remembered and recorded the fulfillment of Samuel the Lamanite's prophecies? That is pretty different than if Christ was unhappy that someone might still want to quote Samuel. In fact, during his life, Christ was quoting all sorts of dead prophets.
These people are like "Oh yes, I follow the prophet true blue dyed in the wool"
But try and quote a prophesy or teaching to these people from any year that starts with a 19, much less an 18, and they blanch and won't stand by it and want something more modern.
As if the two stood in conflict. Does every prophet have to repeat everything from older prophets that is going to remain valid? 
I can't imagine they believe in the old testament in a meaningful way. I mean, if 40 years ago is past a prophet's "best-if-used-by-date" I can't imagine how stale and useless the words of Abraham, Enoch, Noah or, heaven forbid, Adam must be.
That is ridiculous. Truth is truth.
Stop saying you stand while sitting down at the first opportunity.
Just stand.

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