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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The leviathan's jaws

Toronto is using taxpayer dollars to host a mass orgy for the disabled. One of the people in charge has filmed himself painting a sign for the event using his bare male anatomy.

I am sorry that was so disgusting to even write. But we need to fight back. We have been following in the tracks of Canada and Great Britain recently, just lagging behind a by about 10 years.

Government that funds giant sex parties with taxpayers money has no interest in protecting freedom of religion. It finds religion repulsive. They will get rid of our religious freedoms with self righteous zeal if we do not turn and make such a shout that they cannot ignore it. We need the blast of our horns to bring down the walls of Jericho, and to do that, we need the faith and works of Aaron and Moses. We cannot accomplish miracles without the faith and righteousness needed to accomplish them. We must, as a people, transform into the kind of souls that God can work miracles through. Because that is, as things now stand, the only way out of the closing jaws of a Leviathan.

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