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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The government has no power to redefine the meaning of marriage and family

The state has no right to redefine the family. The state is built on the family, not the family on the state. The government is not God, and cannot alter eternal verities. Men can proclaim one thing or another as they will but they do not have any right to change eternal truths such as marriage.

Men did not create marriage and family. Marriage and family were instituted by God.

Men think that because the state has long ago taken power to offer licenses to marry, that it actually has power over marriage. Marriage and family is what civilization is built on, and the state does not have power over it any more than it has power to change man kinds God given inalienable rights. They were not created by the state, and the state has no right to pretend it can exercise power over them.

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