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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Family scripture experiment

Holy Cow we tried something for family scriptures that certainly changed it a lot. Usually we have one person who is the reader/teacher and there is a constant battle with distractions.
Tonight, everyone who was old enough to read (even Joseph) had to follow along. Kate helped Joseph follow along. This made some big differences:
1) When there was noise everyone still knew what we had read, so interruptions were not nearly the problem they usually are.
2) The fact that they had to follow along dramatically reduced the interruptions.
3) I think many of them heard a lot more of it, and paid more attention to the actual text.
The downside, is that I prefer a much more fluid family scripture study. This tended to be more like reading together, and I would rather far more discussion. If we spend more time reading verses than talking about their meaning than we are teaching them to read, not teaching them to ponder and study seriously.

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