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Monday, June 22, 2015

Failure or obedience

I was just recalling a time when I was sitting in Sunday School and had the distinct impression that I should go home. I had no reason to go home. I believe our kids had been sick as well as myself some in previous weeks and had I missed church for two or more weeks not long before that as the sickness tracked from one child to another. I put the impression aside because I didn't want to leave church without a reason to do so. If I left, how could I explain what I was doing?

Later I discovered that I had missed an opportunity. Someone had stopped by our house, then left, during church, and I could have done significant good had I been home when they arrived.

I remember that experience as an interesting failure. It was intimidation and self doubt that I chose to heed instead of obedience.

But as long as we live so we have the Holy Ghost we can act in confidence and know we will be right with God.

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