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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Are being we witnesses of Christ, or just PR

Our job is not public relations. Our job is to stand as witnesses of Christ in all things, and in all places.

If we instead think our job is public relations, then we look around for something to write about or teach or post that will serve God without offending the devil.

If we think our job is public relations, we write and teach things that sound like we are more concerned with boosting morale than with teaching the great and saving truths of the gospel. When we do teach gospel truths, we tend to do it in a way that could largely be taught in any Christian church.

But that is not who Christ is. He is not afraid to stand for truth even if doing so will incite wicked men to anger. Spencer W Kimball, speaking of his own personal teaching referred to the scripture saying:

D&C 6:9 Say nothing but repentance unto this generation;

And indeed, Spencer W Kimball was bold in teaching repentance.

In the case of our master, Christ was slain because of his teachings. The same has been done to many of his servants both before and after him.

If these great men were willing to lay down their lives for truth, certainly we could be doing far more to stand up for it.

Even in our own meetings we tend to shy away from the profound statements, and our Sunday School discussions often seem to revolve around principles of ethics rather than principles of scripture. We could be doing much better. And we need to be, for our lamps must be full to prepare for the day when the bridegroom comes.

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