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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A quick comment on the wrong side of history

The domineering opposition tells those that won't curry favor with it they will be on the wrong side of history. Which is ridiculous. A list of those who determined to follow God no matter the consequences could stretch on and on, but a quick few are...

William Tyndale
John Wycliffe
Thomas More

Such a list would include the founding fathers, who may have varied in religious belief, but were agreed that there was a higher source of authority than government and society - a power worth defying the might of Britain to follow.

That list would include Paul, Peter, James, and John

And most notably of all, our Lord and master, Jesus Christ, who bluntly condemned the evil teachers and practices in his society, and was crucified by those he offended.

It is those who curry favor with the world who are doomed to be forgotten as the cowards and lackeys of their day. It is those who are valiant in the testimony of Christ who will be remembered as the only true victors this earth had to offer

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