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Friday, May 15, 2015

The story of Balaam and hard, challenging issues

I hear a lot these days about standing up on certain issues being "hard" or "challenging". We tend to even congratulate each other over such sentiments. I don't agree. I was reading the story of Balaam tonight. Balaam clearly felt like he was facing a "hard decision". He asks the Lord. Then he asks the Lord again. He does the right thing at first, then he finally takes such a wicked course that the Lord assigns the Israelites to ensure they slay Balaam.
It seems that fretting over what a hard and challenging thing it is to stand up and be counted on moral issues these days is something we should be wary of. We should have faith and speak the truth boldly. We know that many of our ancestors in the scriptures chose to simply have faith and do right no matter the cost and so can we. The story of Balaam shows us where fretting and fearing can lead.
To fret over how hard it is to do right is to put asides ones faith. President Hinckley taught us "Where there is doubt, faith has no power."
Faith is power, and when we feel things are hard, the last thing we should do is put aside our power. Our faith is our power. Joseph Smith used the terms faith and power interchangeably. He didn't treat them as being different things. Waffling and fretting is really choosing to allow our fears to eat the foundation out from under our faith.
Why let our fears separate us from God's power? It must be our faith that precedes the miracle. Therefore, let us cease to fret about "hard decisions" and simply stand by truth and right in faith.

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