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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Real grace is something experienced, not just something we are informed of

Saving grace is not something one is informed of, it is something one experiences. The protestant versions of grace are like unexpected benefits you have to be informed of. Those who teach them are informing their students of things they didn't know, because they were never experienced. They say something like "Christ already paid the bill in full, and all you have to do is have faith in Christ", or "Christ already did all of it, and you just need to accept what he did for you". Their students have to be informed of the benefits they received, because those benefits are make believe ideas of men. They have to be told so they can pretend along.
By contrast, real grace is not something one has to be informed of. For example, one experiences the Holy Ghost. It is remarkable. It may not be obvious without being taught that the Holy Ghost is what one is experiencing, but there is no mistake that one is experiencing SOMETHING.
Now sure, we do tend to grow into these things, and yes, the beginnings of grace may be whispers we don't even notice at first - the influence of the light of Christ, the gentle whisperings of the Holy Ghost, forgiveness when we repent. But in time we learn to recognize them as they grow and we experience them personally, and we can even look back and recognize times when we were experiencing them without realizing it.
By contrast, fake grace does not have that effect. It doesn't grow into a greater experience. It isn't real. We have to be told about it so we can pretend along.
But the reality is that Christ forgives us on condition of repentance, we are cleansed as we change, and not one bit faster than we are willing to do so. We are not made perfect simply by redefining what it means to be perfect. Instead, as we continue to grow into God's gifts BY CONTINUED REPENTANCE AND CHANGE SO WE CAN GAIN GREATER ACCESS TO THEM, then we find them more powerfully manifest in our lives, and those graces, such as the gift of the Holy Ghost, allow us to know Gods will better and enable us to more easily choose to submit our will to it. That is what it means to be made perfect in the grace of God. It is not accomplished in a moment, but over in a lifetime and well beyond. And when it is fully accomplished we will be perfect as the Father and the Son are perfect, and one with them as they are one with each other, because the unity that allows us to fully know their will only comes as we grow from grace to grace into the submission and obedience that allows us to fully submit to it.

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