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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hardened against motherhood

Diane wrote a post about having many children and some personal revelation she had along the way.

Not surprisingly, some women went out of their way to express their disdain over the whole affair. These are women who have rejected largely rejected motherhood, having limited their own child bearing for selfish reasons. They have largely rejected their divine nature as mothers

There are people who leave the church after they know it is true. Those who leave the church through apostasy and then can never leave the church alone. They have rejected fundamental divine truth in favor of error, and the adversary uses that to stir them up against that which is good, and most particularly against that true church they rejected.

There is something similar whenever we reject anything from God. Joseph Smith pointed out that whenever we reject something from God the devil takes power.

And so the adversary had power with these women. They acted kind of like apostates to the church, except it is motherhood they are apostate towards, instead of the church. Having rejected such a gift, they just can't leave it alone.

One of them said what Diane wrote sounded like the book 1984.

It reminds me of a scripture I read earlier tonight about the first attempt by the Nephites to return to the land of Nephi and reclaim it. They get in a fight with each other and mostly kill each other off before they ever really begin their attempt. You can tell that they were mostly a bloodthirsty group by the spirit they gave heed to.

And you could tell that really, these women were rejecting motherhood by the spirit they gave way to. The very idea of listening to inspiration to have children bothers them. It gets under their skin because they have rejected the fundamental divine truth of their own nature, and thereby Satan has power to stir them up over the matter. Thus having left it, they just can't leave it alone.

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