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Monday, May 25, 2015

God did not gain his power through the atonement

I am surprised at gospel statements made over and over again with no thought given to what they actually mean. For instance, it is now in vogue to say that it is because of the atonement of Christ that God can heal us when we are sick, and can free us from our trials and infirmities.
No it isn't. Yes, the atonement is the single most important act of eternity. Yes, without it all mankind will be doomed to a neverending torment. Yes, it conquered death and hell.
But we believe in a God who is a being of power. We believe in a God who is in and through all things, and who holds all the elements in subjection to him. We believe in a God who will speak, and the elements will obey him, who can dry up the rivers at his word, who can make the sea into sand for a man to walk across, who can stop the earth in the heavens, can blacken the sun and the stars, can shake and rend the earth and the cause the heavens to be wrapped together as a scroll and the world to be destroyed by fire.
We believed in a God who created the heavens and the earth.
The atonement was crucial, but God had power in and of himself to heal or destroy, had power greater than armies or nations independent of the atonement. Yes the atonement plays a crucial role. No, that isn't how God gained power to heal the lame, the sick, the blind or the maimed. The God who created heaven and earth can cure a cold, or cancer, or death. He can throw off our trials, and take us out of the power of our enemies. He can do that simply because he is God. He has always had that power, and he always will.
We believe in Christ the Son of God. But because of that we also believe him when he said "My Father is greater than I".

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