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Thursday, May 21, 2015

A short note on Balaam and sacrifice

I'm not sure where there is a less popular teaching of Joseph Smith than when he taught that since animal sacrifice existed and had a purpose before the law of Moses, then it would be restored, and in fact that it is always present "when the powers of the Melchizedek priesthood are sufficiently manifest".

It is an ordinance that we know nothing about since it hasn't been restored. We don't have any idea what it's purpose is, so it was interesting in reading the story of Balaam that Balaam had animal sacrifices made and then the account states that Lord put a word in his mouth. He declared that word and it was a blessing on Israel.

Since Balaam knew nothing of the law of Moses, this would presumably be the older form that will one day be restored. Not that all ordinances aren't frequently attended by revelation like Balaam had. Baby blessings, blessings of the sick, ordinations to priesthood, father's blessings and confirmation are frequently accompanied by the Lord putting a word into a person's mouth.

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