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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The plight of a virtuous, but disinterested few

It took a virtuous people to win religious freedom. It took a virtuous few who preferred their religion to their lives to lay the foundation. It took a much larger group, not just a virtuous few but a virtuous people, for the Lord to be able to inspire them to build a nation with religious freedom.

But now we are back to the virtuous few. There is no pretending we are a virtuous nation. Sex before marriage is common. Living together before marriage is common. Birth outside of wedlock is common. Abortion is common. Divorce is common. Decency is a thing of the past. We are no longer a virtuous nation.

Which means we are back to the virtuous few.

Now don't get me wrong. Things are still pretty OK. We still have the vast, vast bulk of our religious freedoms perfectly intact. But that cannot remain the case unless we can get our nation to become virtuous again. We cannot save the constitution without changing the people it governs. It was meant to govern a virtuous people and is wholly unsuitable for any other. In time they will throw off religious freedom as if it was a yoke of bondage.

Thus the only answer to our religious freedom that has any long term significance is to teach, teach, teach the gospel.

We have no new world to sail to. We have no rocky mountains to flee to. We should have the sense to see that we are on an ocean liner whose sides are punctured, and the unsinkable ship is still pleasantly afloat, but it must go down unless its people will change.

Its not that I don't think that if we as a church really turned and stood we couldn't make a difference. But even with such a slap in the face as gay marriage being forced on Utah just before Christmas it was hard to get people to stand up for their religious freedom. Sure, the numbers increased, but what is 1,000 or even 10,000 people who care enough to act when the it should have been millions?

We cannot save the constitution without changing the people it governs. We cannot save the constitution without a return to being a society of decency and virtue. That is the real forefront of our battle for religious freedom. And at this point our nation's hands are steeped in immorailty, it is drunk with vice, and our righteous few, our virtuous men and women, are mostly disinterested in the whole affair. That means that God cannot currently intervene on their behalf in this matter. It is faith that precedes the miracle. Always.

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