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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Saving grace connects us with the powers of heaven

Saving grace isn't about saving us with only minimal or moderate obedience, it is about bestowing more generous gifts and endowments on condition of obedience.

Saving grace is always about connecting us with the powers of heaven on condition of obedience.

The true church offers us the real and enduring companionship of a God through the gift of the Holy Ghost. That gift, a connection with the powers of heaven, is offered on condition of repentance and obedience to covenants. It is a saving grace offered on condition of obedience. In time as we progress in the true church all members are offered the ministering of Angels, the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, communion with the general assembly and with the church of the firstborn, and the presence of the Father and the Son.

We may not make it through all of that in mortality. And in fact, we do not control such matters. All we can do is to press forward with diligence the same as all are required to, seeking to save the souls of our children, our dead, and those around us. If we have set a clear course here then what portion of that path we didn't finish in mortality will be available to us to finish in the spirit world.

But we should recognize that the real church is intended to connect us in real ways to Heaven. We do not want to find ourselves having a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof.

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