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Monday, April 27, 2015

Prom, 2 Nephi 13 and Feminism

Recently I was rather astonished when it was Prom and my wife's facebook friends started posting photos of their daughters. I happened to be sitting in bed talking with her, looking over her facebook wall with her. The first prom photo was quite modest. But that turned out to be quite the exception. Not only was that the only daughter photo I happened to see that night that was modest, but I was astonished at how very immodest some of them were. Two were baring enough up top that I thought to myself "if this was an advertisement I would turn it off".

I was astonished. I know some of these families.

I thought to myself of the fathers in some of these homes and I was astonished because I knew those fathers.

I thought how could those men allow their daughters to go on a date like that?

And the answer immediately presented itself.

I have long thought that the prophecies of the women in the church becoming sultry and seductive before the millennium was related to feminism. These are the prophesies about the daughters of Zion, as prophesied in 2 Nephi 13.

Yes, of course these fathers knew better. Fathers KNOW what is seductive. They aren't consulting an abstract list. They KNOW what the guy will think the girl intended by dressing like that.

But the Fathers don't have much say these days. Sure, they call family prayer, they lead scripture study. But they are mostly figureheads in their own home. They have been trained and retrained that they are to take a back seat. They have even been taught that being a priesthood leader in ones home MEANS always taking a back seat. And so they do.

But women can never KNOW why their daughter can't dress that way on her date in the same way that a man can. She may have observed it from what she knows about men, including her husband. But it is not the same. Fathers KNOW in  a way that can't easily be set aside by whether the dress is so slimming, or brings out her eyes, or looks gorgeous on her, or any number of other things that a mother may let her guard down over, because the father knows what it FEELS LIKE for a man to look at a women dressed like that. He knows what a guy thinks a girl intends by dressing that way. He may not speak the same language as his daughter, but he speaks the same language as her date.

So yes, there is a link between emasculating fathers, taking away their role as the head of the home, and the prophesy that before the millennium the church will raise a generation of daughters who "walk with stretched forth necks and wonton eyes".

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