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Friday, April 24, 2015

Addressed only to the most gullible

Someone was claiming that religious freedom would mean freedom of religion inluding the relgions of athiesm, satanism and wiccan (witches). They added islam into the same list. 

As only the most gullible would believe that, this is dedicated solely to them. Here is my response.

No it doesn't. Go back and read where it came from. It was the right to worship your God, it was the right to do according to your conscience. It never included the right to worship the devil. It never included the right to act against your conscience, to consciously choose evil. 

All men have a right to worship God. The fact that some people have perversely adapted the phrase "religion" to mean worshiping the devil instead just means some people have perverted the word. Those who are gullible can't tell the difference.

Yes, it did protect muslims from square one, as it ought to. No, it did not protect those who worshiped the devil and sought to do evil, masking their deeds as "religion". Religion is worship of God, not the devil, and those who penned the constitution understood that when they wrote it. Religion is to act by conscience for good, not to seek evil.

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