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Saturday, March 28, 2015

We must protect our religious freedom

Wow. Indiana passed a protection for Religious freedom bill. 

Yesterday CNN announced this on their front page list of articles as "Indiana passes Anti-LGBT bill". 

By this afternoon their website's fullpage front was about the Indiana bill with a headline pointing its finger at the governor for signing it. 

By tonight it has in large newpaper style headline font about the religious freedom protection bill: "Freedom to do what?" with a picture of the Indiana governor and a subheading that the governor has now decided he wants clarification of the bill he just signed.

I really expect we can anticipate more difficult days in our future. I don't know when. I don't know the timeline. But it seems that the evil forces in our country are not only pushing forward, but doing so with great acceleration.

We need to remember the horrible price that was paid to gain our religious freedom. There is no "new world" to flee to now. There are no "rocky mountains" to flee to now. We need to make our stand here. We need to stand up and be counted now with all the zeal we can muster.

We sit perched on the brink of disaster, and mostly we are comfortably sitting at home looking for what's on TV.

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