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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Look upon your little ones

A culture that doesn't value children more than themselves quickly turns to oppressing them. As children become an inconvenience rather than one of God's most highly prized gifts we thoughtlessly mistreat them.
What adult would tolerate a work setting where being 2 minutes late on 4 different days (months apart) would be counted against them as missing an entire day. But we thoughtlessly instigate that in our schools.
Last time we did a count we found that the amount of homework our elementary school children were given meant that their school day plus their homework was longer than a standard work day. It is quite common for school plus homework to add up to 10-12 hours a day for our teenage children.
Absolutely no value is placed on family time. We are so fascinated with raising young professionals that we can't remember that success will depend more on the stability, direction, and love they can only gain from family rather than spending their childhood doing overtime every week.
But everyone wants public school to be a free state sponsored day care, so we look the other way and talk about test scores and studies instead of looking into our children's eyes and seeing their desperate need for a childhood (can you remember childhood) and the precious years of nurturing with their family.
Those years are being tossed out the window.
And our greater focus on school instead of family is destructive even to schooling. The world's solutions to the worlds problems really are like crying flood in time of fire.

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