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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Scientific claims and religious truth

I wrote this in response to someone who was trying to claim that science had medically proven that the brethren were mistaken about gender issues: Science is smugly condescending toward any competing idea, and even toward its own history. It constantly asserts that it knows best, but tends to perpetually look back at itself 50-75 years ago with condescending tones for all the mistaken ideas it used to have. The gospel, on the other hand, works by revelation from our Heavenly Father and his Son who are omniscient, who are in and through all things, and see all things past, present, and future. When Christ reigns personally upon the earth, when we have an omniscient God present for the millennium, that is when I think our scientific knowledge will really take off and everything we think we know now will seem like a child's play thing. But when Christ was on the earth before, he wasn't apologizing for the lesser mortal prophets that preceded him. Instead he boldly affirmed that every jot and tiddle of what they said would come to pass, and constantly quoted those men. When Christ comes back and reigns, I don't expect he is going to have different things to say then about the brethren now, than he did in his mortality. And I expect that when he reigns personally on the earth, science will finally become fully understood, and then it will testify along with God that all that he has spoken really was true, even if our partial views of science along the way seemed incongruous. In the end, science itself will testify with God of the brethren now, that whether by his own voice of by the voice of his prophets, it was the same.

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