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Saturday, February 14, 2015

My response to Breanna Olaveson: Motherhood as a Millennial Mormon Housewife

I wrote this in response to the the disppointing post on Mormon Women Stand entitled "Breanna Olaveson: Motherhood as a Millennial Mormon Housewife".

The Motherhood as a Millennial Mormon Housewife post is sad. It unapologetically rejects the truth that "Mothers who know do less". It is generally in line with the mode of thinking that if you can call yourself a Millennial, that means to one degree or another you know better than the way people have lived the gospel in the past. Which is tragic because it is a line of thinking that tacitly rejects really listening to the prophets as prophets and to the scriptures as the fountainhead of truth. The article paints a straw man picture of the amazing work of previous generations of mothers, then knocks them down in favor of something with a little more worldly appeal. True to the pattern of this line of thinking, it then tries to paint its conclusions as being what God really wanted all along using quotations that, while true, were hardly meant to smear out the many quotations on motherhood that the author neglected to include.

Mostly, its just sad because the author is being set up as a teacher, but she is really teaching that to be a wife, a mother, or a husband, or a father, just shouldn't be getting in the way of the really fulfilling things in life: the accomplishments, the talents, the endeavors, the shimmering pursuits.

She walks the fine line nicely, she only stated that her friends were nurses, historians, etc... but she is really trying to make sure she said that working outside the home is just as good if that's your preference, without ever coming out and actually saying those specific words.

Mostly, it just makes me wonder why we are in such a rage to sell our birthright for pottage. We waited for thousands of years to gain bodies. The whole point of gaining a body is the potential to have a family that is all your own - to try your hand at the sacred roles of husband, father, wife, and mother. To partake, to a degree of the goblet of godhood and see if we could prove worthy to keep on drinking into the eternities. Satan's punishment for destroying 1/3 of the hosts of heaven was to not have a body. His punishment was to never enjoy family life. Not now, not even, as some of us here in mortality wait, until the resurrection. He will never experience that.

And how he loves to talk us out of experiencing it to the full measure. He loves to hold up trinkets and honors and certificates and kudos for those who he can lull into missing out to whatever degree he can sell us out of it.

In the context of Feminist Mormon Housewives, this article would probably be a gem of light. But for this page (Mormon Women Stand), it is a turning away from the way it used to be to something that will serve God, without offending the devil.

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