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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Book Draft Excerpt - Homosexuality and temptations

I have at times heard quotes from a person who has succumbed to indulging homosexual thoughts stating that he thinks that women are disgusting. I have heard of such a person using the phrase “I would rather kiss a pig than kiss a girl.” Homosexuality is such serious sin that giving way to engaging in homosexual thoughts alone appears to give the adversary significant power over an individual. It should be added here that the great reward granted to those who kept their first estate is the gift of a body so it should not be wondered at that when one gives way to temptations to indulge in homosexual thoughts and desires one may lose the proper intimate use of his body for a time as God will not be mocked. A body is the great reward of mortality and such a serious perversion of that reward is mockery of God. Presumably if the individual fully repents and proves that he will refrain from such indulgence then in time the full gift of the drives associated with having a man’s body will be returned, and he will find women attractive once again, but it should be no surprise that there would be a period of testing to see whether the Lord will give the gift back, a period where the natural drive is allowed to be taken away, to give the person a chance to fully repent and overcome the adversary, before granting them the natural desires that will allow the individual to play their proper role of spouse to one of the Lord’s daughters for eternity.


While giving way to a temptation certainly increases the adversary’s power, it is made completely clear in the New Testament that the sinless Christ is tempted by Satan. Thus all are subject to temptation. It follows that the temptations you have are NOT who you fundamentally are. Satan has been very successful in convincing the current generation that if they experience homosexual temptations then they are a homosexual. That is ridiculous. What more could Satan ask for? Even Christ was tempted, so while the adversary had no power over the Savior, the adversary could still tempt him. If Christ could be tempted then why would the adversary fail to tempt us, especially if he has blinded us into believing that by simply experiencing a temptation, possibly repeatedly, we will take seriously the idea that the temptation is who we fundamentally are. The father of lies should not be where we turn to get the real truth about ourselves.

Regarding being “born gay” Boyd K Packer addressed the church on this stating:

“Some suppose that they were preset and cannot overcome what they feel are inborn tendencies toward the impure and the unnatural. Not so. Why would our Heavenly Father do that to anyone? Remember, He is our Father. “ (Elder Boyd K Packer – October 2012 General Conference – Cleansing the Inner Vessel)

While this pearl was addressed to the church, it was clearly picked up by the swine, who, as usual, did all they could to rend him for it. But that changes nothing. It is still a pearl nonetheless.

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