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Thursday, February 26, 2015

D&C 132 use of the word Virgin

Just a small note on the use of the word Virgin in D&C 132.

Virgin is probably less an emphasis on being chaste (as it would occur to those reading in our day where immorality is sort of a norm) as much as an emphasis as not already havin
g been married before. From what I can tell so far there is far less of an emphasis on chastity in conference talks in, say, the 1940s because that was tacitly assumed as part of being decent, instead there was more talk about the word of wisdom and honesty.

To older era ears, virginity may have been more fairly interpreted as a reference to previous marital status.

There is a J of D talk by Brigham Young addressing men who were teaching false doctrine to widows to get them to seal them to themselves (men telling widows to marry and be sealed to themselves so they could be sealed and have exaltation - proxy sealing apparently really did require a descendent something similar in those days, not just any old member). He said those men who had so tricked a widow not have those women in the resurrection, rather, their faithful first husbands would.

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