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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The value of knowing our temple covenants

We all realize that when we are baptized we are making covenants.

A covenant is a promise between us and God. If we keep our part of the promise, then we will gain the promised blessings. If we do not keep our part of the promise, then we will not obtain the promised blessings. That seems pretty straight forward.

We also make covenants in the temple, and we very much want to receive the promised blessings.

So I think it is important as we go back to the temple to put forth the effort to learn, and be able to recall outside the temple, what it is we covenanted to do while we were in the temple. A thought can change an action, and if our temple covenants are far from our minds they cannot intercede in the moments when we might have kept them, had we remembered what they were.

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