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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

On Bruce R McConkie's book "Mormon Doctrine" and other great works of the restoration

It is not uncommon to hear members malign "Mormon Doctrine", and occasionally to hear them also include "Doctrine's of Salvation" and the "Miracle of Forgiveness" in their list of church book mistakes. I wrote this in reference to Mormon Doctrine but think it applies to all three.
The members who have passed over this book haven't done so because they have taken in all the light and knowledge is has to offer. Or even the smallest fraction of it. Many malign it, but couldn't have reproduced contents that were anything but a distorted shadow of it on the most fundamental doctrines of our religion: atonement, grace, priesthood, faith, ... and the list goes on.

I would offer all the critics the same personal challenge the Lord put forth to the critics of Joseph Smith. I don't think the author thought the book was perfect. I'm sure he didn't. Anyone who knows that much must love to study the gospel and knows that they are continually gaining greater views. But I would like to see any of the naysayers put together a work that would be worthy to be quoted in general conference still 60 years into the future, as this book has been.

To the critics, I put forth the personal challenge concerning any of our most fundamental, core doctrines of our religion as described in "Mormon Doctrine" to write an alternative entry that is as correct, as pure, as complete, as wrapped up in a knowledge of the gospel that is as thoroughly founded in the revelations of the Holy Ghost, as what already exists in your favorite book to make fun of, "Mormon Doctrine":

D&C 67: 5 Your eyes have been upon my servant Joseph Smith, Jun., and his language you have known, and his imperfections you have known; and you have sought in your hearts knowledge that you might express beyond his language; this you also know.
 6 Now, seek ye out of the Book of Commandments, even the least that is among them, and appoint him that is the most wise among you;
 7 Or, if there be any among you that shall make one like unto it, then ye are justified in saying that ye do not know that they are true;
 8 But if ye cannot make one like unto it, ye are under condemnation if ye do not bear record that they are true.

No, I am not saying "Mormon Doctrine" is true in the sense that the revelations are true. But I am pointing out that if you can't put forth something with a comparable depth and truth in portraying our doctrine, then you should follow the Lord's counsel here, and realize that your criticism is that of a detractor to the faith, because it is unjustified in God's eyes.

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