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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Joseph Fielding McConkie's book "Defending the Sanctity of Marriage"

This book is absolutely fantastic. I am putting some favorite quotes here (until I get tired of doing so) so I can keep them for easy future reference. I omit many of the best statements that are just too long.

page 3 "I have chosen to comment on principles that are commonly misunderstood or the strength of which has been lost to us by our failure to teach them."

page 3 "We cannot build the house of our understanding out of faulty notions and expect it to be a sanctuary from the world."

page 3 "All good doctrine leads to the temple and its covenants."

It takes the Holy Ghost for a man to put together these scriptures in this way:
page 6-7 "The first commandment given [Adam and Eve] was to 'multiply and replenish' [more correctly fill] the earth with their seed. This covenant with all its attendant blessings was thus to be granted to their children who were to walk in their paths that the earth might fill the purpose of its creation for such is the work and glory of God, 'to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.' (Moses 1:39) 'If it were not so the whole earth would be utterly wated at his [Christ's] coming.' (Doctrine and Covenants 2:3)"

page 13 Speaking with reference to Genesis 3:7:
"The apron was not made of palm leaves, or of the maple, or of an apple tree but of the fig tree for it is the symbol of fertility and was used to modestly cover that part of the body that we associate with the power of procreation which they had now obtained. Covered with leaves they now represented the tree of life which symbolized the purpose of their creation and the blessings promised to them of endless seed."

page 13 "It is in this union and this union only that Adam and Eve assume the image and likeness of God and become one with him as they have been commanded to become with each other."

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