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Saturday, December 20, 2014

As if we were Adam and Eve.

If Adam had not gone with Eve she could not have been redeemed for it was by posterity that the fall would be overcome. The circle of marriage, intimacy, and family provided the means for Adam and Eve's redemption as well as their exaltation. There is something profound in the fact that it was the ability to have children that Adam and Eve gained by the fall that provided the very means for their redemption from the fall and their future exaltation.

They fell through their mortal bodies. But the means for their redemption was opened to them through those same fallen bodies. It was provided by their body's ability to have children.

And so it is for us today. 

For those born before the restoration, what was the means of their redemption? It was to have posterity who might perform their work. As Christ redeemed his maternal ancestors Adam and Eve, so those born during the apostacy would be redeemed by their own posterity. Their posterity would redeem them by doing that work they could not do for themselves in this life. 

Some of the early saints in this dispensation received the covenant of baptism, but did not live long enough to receive the endowment or sealing ordinances. Those who died before those ordinances became available needed some descendant do their work for them, even though they were baptized into the true church.

We now have ordinances up through the sealing covenant. Is that the end? Is the sealing the end of all ordinances. No, for there is a long distance between our current commitments and the full law of the celestial world. And for those covenants that are made available to later generations, if our descendants prove worthy of them, will not our hope of receiving them rest on our posterity? Is the plan for us any different than it was for Adam and Eve? If we keep the marriage covenant, God will bless us with the most righteous spirits for our posterity, and a future generation of such righteous spirits may become worthy of those ordinances that our generation was not prepared for. And then our descendants can then become Saviors for us, performing the work for their ancestors, ourselves, that we in our day did not yet have available.

It is not a coincidence that the names we have a right to submit for temple work are those of our ancestors and their relatives. It is because we are offered the same system of salvation that Adam and Eve were offered. Salvation through our righteous posterity, along with a promise that if we are true to our covenants, the Lord will bless us with the most righteous of his spirit children, those most likely to in turn be able to do work on our behalf.

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