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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Where have Joseph's friend all gone?

I love Brigham Young. I wish he could have given his response to Rough Stone Rolling. Where have Joseph's friends all gone? I wouldn't read such a book about one I call a friend. I want to look Joseph Smith in the eye when I meet him, and know we are friends already. I want him to know I was true to him.
Harold B Lee said in general conference:
"I have one other thought I should like to express. Brigham Young was a great defender of the Prophet Joseph Smith. There were Judases in the ranks in that day, just as there were in the Savior’s day, and just as we have today, some who are members of the Church who are undercutting us, who are betraying their trusts. We are shocked when we see the places from which some of these things come.
Brigham Young was invited by some of these men who were trying to depose the Prophet Joseph from his position as President of the Church; but they made a mistake by inviting President Brigham Young into their circle. And after he had listened to what their motives were, he said something to this effect: 'I want to say something to you men. You cannot destroy the appointment of a prophet of God, but you can cut the thread that binds you to the prophet of God, and sink yourselves to hell.'
There was a pugilist there by the name of Jacob Bump, so the story goes, who doubled up his fists and started toward President Young, who replied to this man’s threats: 'I would like to lay hands on a man like you in defense of the Prophet Joseph Smith.'"

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