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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Faith and Science

This was originally posted on facebook, June 12, 2014. I moved it here because old things are hard to find on facebook. 
Those who are learned may wonder why the Lord would allow such a wide gap between what he reveals to be true and what the sciences claim to be the true, e.g. the theory of evolution which claims that 2 of the 3 pillars of eternity are pure myth (the world created in a paradisiacal, terrestrial state without death or procreation ,which world then fell to a telestial state as a result of Adam and Eve's choice and through that fall aging, procreation and death entered the world).
The Lord cannot create the kind of faith in members that can root up a sycamime tree and command it to be planted in the sea if the members are not willing to have faith that is above and beyond their belief in what they learned from physics, chemistry, biology or any other earthly science. It is like Joseph Smith trying to get the golden plates (though his was a different issue) which required his casting aside all competing interests. The Lord wants us to cast aside all doubt, all belief that anything can supercede or be more correct or more true than God's revelations and the gentle whisperings of the spirit. Everything else must be recognized as completely inferior. As Elder Scott pointed out, as we follow God's path we will in time believe the Holy Ghost above what our ears and eyes tell us. The learned man who believes in what he learned about physical death more than he believes in revealed truth will have a near impossible time overcoming that mote of doubt that would allow him to return the dead to life. Sure, he can adminster to the sick, but he has capped his faith, he has set up stakes for the almighty (to borrow a Joseph Smith phrase) and has said "here you can go and no further" to God.
In the end the sciences will all prove to support the revelations, not the other way round. But until then, I think it is very intentional that they just keep disagreeing on the key points of revealed religion. That is necessary for us. We must learn to completely subject our belief in any and all of the learning of man to the revelations of God. So he makes sure we are put in the position were we must make exactly that choice.
The sciences will only really take off when God reigns personally on the earth, and everything we "know" now will be as primitive as counting on one's fingers. And it will be the revelations, not the ideas of men, which will be found to be perfect and unflawed when all the great truths about the universe are finally unfolded. God will not be apologizing for his prophets, but will confirm again that whether by his own voice, or by the voice of his servants, it is the same.


Kristopher Swinson posted the following quote from Bruce R McConkie as a comment on the original post.

"Will the Lord give us the full and revealed account of the creation as long as we believe in the theories of evolution? Will he give us more guidance in governmental affairs as long as we choose socialistic ways which lead to the overthrow of freedom? We have yet to attain that degree of obedience and personal righteousness which will give us faith like the ancients: faith to multiply miracles, move mountains, and put at defiance the armies of nations; faith to quench the violence of fire, divide seas and stop the mouths of lions; faith to break every band and to stand in the presence of God. Faith comes in degrees. Until we gain faith to heal the sick, how can we ever expect to move mountains and divide seas? . . . As long as we disagree as to the simple and easy doctrines of salvation, how can we ever have unity on the complex and endless truths yet to be revealed? . . . How many among us are now prepared to entertain angels, to see the face of the Lord, to go where God and Christ are and be like them?" (Bruce R McConkie, "This Final Glorious Gospel Dispensation" Ensign, Apr. 1980, 25)

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