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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The claims of inequality by women in the church

The women who are up in arms about inequality in the church only feel that because they have rejected the truth about the honors of motherhood. Heavenly Father places his children in their hands, giving those mothers dramatic power to shape the destinies of his own children as they enter mortality. He gives his own children to these mothers precisely when his children are at their most vulnerable. The influence of those mothers can shape their eternity. He asks that those mothers forgo worldly opportunities (which mean absolutely nothing) to pursue the gift he offers them because it is so crucial eternally. He asks that they have as many children as possible and makes it part of the sealing covenant, essentially saying that he will give them children eternally if they will not limit the number of them in mortality. Given the sacred nature of what is being offered, it cannot be turned down without giving offense.

When you reject that sort of gift as not "enough", then nothing else ever will be. It is such a tender, gentle, sacred role that Heavenly Father offers as a gift to women in mortality. One can't reject that sort of sacred honor and still have any sense of the nature and value of God's gifts to his sons and daughters.

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