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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Christopher Columbus

A belated Columbus day post.

It is unlikely that any person who felt themselves inspired by God to take a step that was important for the restoration did not find themselves facing significant opposition and difficulties from wicked men inspired by the adversary. That opposition continues long after their deaths as the adversary inspires people to smear their names.

While critics like to claim how wrong Christopher Columbus was, I think many members have found themselves at one time or another strongly inspired to take a course of action they have a difficult time justifying to others. They may offer the best excuse for what they are doing that they can. That excuse may seem thin even to them. But they know they feel impressed to take that route, not knowing why. I expect Christopher Columbus's reasoning was secondary to the impressions he had that this just seemed like the right thing. The reasons he gave may have been wrong, but the impressions were right.

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