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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The doctrine of emotion and thought altering medication

I wrote a post a bit ago which was incredibly unpopular. I was writing about whether most people should be living on mood or thought altering medication, and whether one can cheat oneself spiritual with the use of such medications.

While I knew that many people I knew relied on such medicine, I honestly had no idea how many who were quite close to me did so. I wrote it generally, and not toward anyone specifically.

So the question is, in part, should I not have written that because it offended so many that were quite close to me? Do we not teach obvious truths when they will be unpopular with those we are closest to?

I think the answer is no, we still must teach them. The opposite reasoning has led to a huge number of church members who refuse to stand up for some truth or other, and will even speak against them, thinking that is their obligation to do so.

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